Reserve Production: new instruments completed and ready for sale

Prices for these new "reserve" instruments include stereo cables and adjustment tools. New hard and soft cases are available also at listed prices. Shipping charges, State tax for California customers and foreign import taxes are not included. Features are described below in the following order: Serial number, neck beam material, pickup module, fretboard markers, tuners, tuning and gauges, (MIDI where applicable) and list price.  Each reserve instrument comes with our most up-to-date adjustable features, including bridge, nut, truss rod and belt hook.

Please contact us by email:
or by phone (818-884-2001) if you find a Stick here with many of your preferred features and specifications and if you're looking for quick delivery.

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Used Instruments Currently in Stock (updated Nov 14, 2018)

Sticks listed below are reworked with a precision fret "dressing" job and carefully adjusted and set up to play and sound like those from our newest productions. In most cases, the customer can choose the tuning in medium, heavy or light gauges.

A one-year warrantee covers all used Sticks as with our new ones.

Prices are for instruments with stereo cables and adjustment tools. Used hard cases are available at reduced prices (generally $80-$200). Shipping charges, State tax for California customers and foreign import taxes are not included.

Features are described below in the following order: Serial number, neck beam material, month and year made, pickup module, type of frets, inlay material, tuning machines, truss rod, bridge, nut, belt-hook, scale length, (MIDI where applicable) and price.

If you are interested in one of these items please call us at 818-884-2001 M-F between 10:30 AM and 6:30 PM Pacific Time.
As used instruments are sold an new ones become available, this list will be updated so if you don't see what you are looking for today, keep checking back.

Newer instruments with fully adjustable bridges can be set up with any recommended tuning and gauges.
Older instruments are set up with the tuning and gauge listed with the instrument.

#108 solid Brazillian pao ferro (ironwood) made Dec. 1974 (1st year
of Stick production & 8th Stick built) w/original ironwood "Stickup"
module, original ironwood belt hook, hammered in serial number &
patent & TM information on headstock (no nameplates then), original
chrome Schaller tuners. Also, the original narrower neck 2 7/8" wide
w/small guitar frets, blue-green abalone dot markers, 34" scale
length. Added adjustable truss rod, adjustable bridge saddle
setscrews and new shoulder strap (old one available). Choice of
original Classic light-gauge tuning with round wound or original flat
wound strings, or another "Stick" type tuning in light gauges. Will
play, sound and look like new w/very low "action" and lightest touch.
PRICE: $3500. (price includes vintage hard case)


(none currently available)

RAILBOARD, 10 strings

(none curently available)

"TEN STRING GRAND" w/wider string spacing

(none currently available)

NS/STICK, 8 strings

(none currently available)


(none curently available)


(none currently available)

Customer may request any listed tuning in medium or heavy gauges.

(none currently available)


Roland GI-20 half-rack sized GK-MIDI interface.  Connect your GK-equipped Stick to MIDI sound modules and DAWs via the GI-20.

    Built-in USB MIDI port for computer connection
    Easy, knob-based controls and dedicated buttons for fast, intuitive operation
    Patch Memory lets you store user settings including “Play Feel, “Transpose/Mute” settings for each string, and Bank Select/Program Change messages for live performance
    Perfect size and configuration for use with Roland XV-2020 Synthesizer Module Flexible Transpose functions + 2 / - 3 octave with optional footswitch control

Includes power supply. $350 plus shipping.


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